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Oh My Glasses
For bloggers who wear glasses.

I Hate This
Devoted to everyone who wants to express their opinion on almost any topic available. Personal insults are prohibited.

Spill Bean
Listings are categorized by topic.

Pinoy Blogs
Aimed towards enlightening the world through our blogging, Blog ng Bayan is an online community Filipino bloggers.
Customized news and feeds.
Allows bloggers to post audio greetings and podcasts via their telephone.

Featuring amateur writers musing on food, sports, movies, music, television, and other aspects of life.

Vine Type
A website management system that requires no database nor scripting language installation. Free for non-commercial use.

HWY Blogs
Free blogs targeted to truckers, with file upload space and templates.

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Suffolk: Officials open street in Burnett's Mill subdivision after gas leak
Officials have reopened a Suffolk street after repairing a gas line there Wednesday morning.

Happy 80th Birthday to Fredric Jameson
Happy Birthday, Fredric Jameson! This is only a preview. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted. Error type:

Male-biased tweeting
( ETH Zurich ) Today women take an active part in public life. Without a doubt, they also converse with other women. In fact, they even talk to each other about other things besides men. As banal as it sounds, this is far from being the norm in Hollywood movies. The same goes for Twitter, as a new study shows.

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