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Random websites: - New Search Engines Help Users Find Blogs
"The race is on to become the Google of blogs." A number of small companies are working to track weblogs and their posts in nearly real time.

Kickass Web Design
WordPress themes for download. Individual theme author. Custom work available for a fee.

Into the Blogosphere: Rhetoric, Community, and Culture of Weblogs: Blogging as Social Action: A Genr
Paper by Carolyn R. Miller and Dawn Shepherd, North Carolina State University. "Why did blogging catch on so quickly and so widely? What motivates someone to begin and continue a weblog? What audience(s) do bloggers address? Who actually reads blogs and why? In short, what rhetorical work do blogs perform and for whom? And how do blogs perform this work? What features and elements make the weblog recognizable and functional? A genre analysis of the weblog will begin to answer these questions."
Free WordPress blogging community with support for English, French, Romanian and Spanish languages. Includes design templates and plugins.

A great site picking out some of the best free WordPress themes available for download.

Become A Blogger
Useful videos that teaches any beginner how to blog.

Blogs Rating
Categorized by subject with ability for users to rate and post their comments about listed sites.

Windows Live Spaces
Provides users with the ability to publish a weblog via mobile phone, add music lists and manage friends.

High Class Blogs
Nonprofit directory. Awards are given out at the end of each quarter for the best weblog in each category.

Bloggers Who Embellish Webring
For folks who bead, quilt, are fiber artists, dollmakers, historical embroiderers and costumers, and embellish all sorts of cool stuff.

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Suffolk: Officials open street in Burnett's Mill subdivision after gas leak
Officials have reopened a Suffolk street after repairing a gas line there Wednesday morning.

Happy 80th Birthday to Fredric Jameson
Happy Birthday, Fredric Jameson! This is only a preview. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted. Error type:

A Better Breed of News App
Mobile news curation uses human editors and good design to improve the experience of reading the news on smartphones. In 1704, John Campbell, Boston’s postmaster, turned his handwritten newsletter into a printed half-sheet, called it the Boston News-Letter , and founded the first continuously published newspaper in the Colonies. He soon found a circulation of around 250 eager subscribers. “Royal ...

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