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Free to download skins, templates for Blogger.

STA Travel Blogs
Free blog websites for New Zealanders. Includes photos, message boards and travel agent services.

Free Wordpress templates from a German designer.

Simple WordPress Themes
WordPress theme site featuring third party themes. Each theme posted has a thumbnail preview, download link, and demo where available.
Free and paid services with templates, a friends list and profiles for each user.
Blogging about general geekiness and bloggability.

The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary
Explains common blogging acronyms, abbreviations and related terms.

Free self-hosted commenting system with an ASP base. Layout can be customized using CSS.

A collective of writers who are politically, philosophically, poetically, socially, and otherwise creatively minded.

Stylish WordPress themes available for purchase individually or via a subscription. The available themes feature user friendly interfaces.

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Suffolk: Officials open street in Burnett's Mill subdivision after gas leak
Officials have reopened a Suffolk street after repairing a gas line there Wednesday morning.

Happy 80th Birthday to Fredric Jameson
Happy Birthday, Fredric Jameson! This is only a preview. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted. Error type:

A Better Breed of News App
Mobile news curation uses human editors and good design to improve the experience of reading the news on smartphones. In 1704, John Campbell, Boston’s postmaster, turned his handwritten newsletter into a printed half-sheet, called it the Boston News-Letter , and founded the first continuously published newspaper in the Colonies. He soon found a circulation of around 250 eager subscribers. “Royal ...

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