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Provides free blog hosting to UK charities and non-profit organizations. Free software and WordPress consultancy available.

High Class Blogs
Nonprofit directory. Awards are given out at the end of each quarter for the best weblog in each category.

Automattic, Inc
The creators of WordPress offer enterprise-level support for large-scale users of WordPress, as well as a list of WordPress consultants providing blog design, plug-in development, training and setup, and social media planning.

Anconia RocketPost
Easy desktop blogging program for non-technical users. Compatible with Blogger, Movable Type, and standalone updating.

A free tagboard system. Displays inline comments.

Webring for pet loving bloggers.

Full of links to keep everyone from falling asleep at their desks.

Link and Think
Annual observation of World AIDS Day in the personal publishing community. (Formerly A Day With(Out) Weblogs).

Into the Blogosphere
An online, edited collection of essays which explores discursive, visual, social, and other communicative features of weblogs.

An open-source project for creating a simple CMS for blog authors.

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Suffolk: Officials open street in Burnett's Mill subdivision after gas leak
Officials have reopened a Suffolk street after repairing a gas line there Wednesday morning.

Happy 80th Birthday to Fredric Jameson
Happy Birthday, Fredric Jameson! This is only a preview. Your comment has not yet been posted. Your comment could not be posted. Error type:

Male-biased tweeting
( ETH Zurich ) Today women take an active part in public life. Without a doubt, they also converse with other women. In fact, they even talk to each other about other things besides men. As banal as it sounds, this is far from being the norm in Hollywood movies. The same goes for Twitter, as a new study shows.

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