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An alternative to idiot-crowded web communities and spam-filled newsgroups.

Add your comments to the web page you are currently reading for others who come after you, and read comments from people who came before you.

Collection of Blogger XML templates for free download.

Chrysanth WebStory
A desktop weblog manager that enables users to post blogs to multiple hosts with only a single click. Built-in WYSIWYG editor plus spell checker.
Facts, news, interviews and discussion on corporate and business blogging.

Users compete by contributing, moderating and discussing links filtered by several criteria.

WP Salon
Standards-compliant free themes for WordPress, and a space for designers to submit their own.

Bloggers Blog
Reports on blogging news and trends.

A free blabber board made specifically with weblogs in mind.

A showcase for men whose sites reflect their personality in ways which are male-rare. Filled with visual appeal and literary charm, they break preconceived molds allowing the world to take a gander at what makes them unique.

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If You Want to Be a Big Deal, Never Stop Learning
Jason Calacanis sold Weblogs Inc. to AOL in 2005 for a reported $30 million, was an early investor in ride-sharing company Uber and is a co-founder of the online news blog, Inside. The secret to success ...

Jason Calacanis To Keynote Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 Conference
Pubcon, the search marketing event of the year, is happy to announce that noted Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, chief executive and founder of and longtime angel investor, will be presenting a major keynote address during Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the entertainment capital of the world. (PRWeb June 30, 2014) Read the full story at http://www ...

9 Signs It's Time to Update Your Website and How to Fix It
Let's face it, no one likes having to constantly update or tweak their website -- or having to totally redesign it every year. It can be time-consuming and expensive. But if online sales have been slipping, and even if they haven't (yet), it behooves businesses to periodically and objectively evaluate their Web or ecommerce sites -- and make the necessary fixes.

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